Max Prop Anodes

Sea Shield

$ 7.67 $ 15.34


Top quality prop anodes by Sea Shield

Sea Shield anodes are manufactured in the USA in Walnut, California.

Zinc anodes conform to MIL-A-18001 specifications

Aluminum anodes conform to MIL-A-24779 specifications.

These anodes feature an aluminum retaining ring for longer life and improved bonding. Additionally, they have universal fit for both older and current prop hubs.

Choose the right size for your Max Prop

Max Prop 63mm = Width .65" Inside Diameter 1 9/16" Outsize Diameter 2 3/8"

Max Prop 70mm= Width .95" Inside Diameter 1 11/16" Outsize Diameter 2 5/8"

Max Prop 83mm = Width 1.88" Inside Diameter 1 7/8" Outsize Diameter 3 1/8"

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